River Musky

A lot of people fish the Flambeau, Jump and Chippewa rivers for smallmouth and walleye. They are plentiful on these rivers. If the conditions are right, a skilled river angler can hook into many dozens of smallmouth in a single day and catch some pretty decent walleye too.
But if you’re really looking for a new flavor of river fishing, try going for musky. Like their lake-loving counterparts, river musky situate themselves in prime ambush spots where they can hide and lunge out at large prey. On the Flambeau, Jump and Chippewa, these spots are large rocks or boulders in deep pools, vegetation adjacent to deeper water and anywhere slack water meets fast water.

A fight with a river musky can be incredible. Fighting the river current makes these fish strong. Next time you’re up in Rusk and Chippewa counties, you should bring your musky rod.

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