Get away to Cedar Bay!

If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the wild rivers and glacial lakes of Rusk and Chippewa counties, you’ll find plenty of options to help get you there. Each week we’ll be profiling lodging establishments and outfitters, so be sure to check back every Monday!

Today we take a look at… Cedar Bay Resort

The Cedar Bay Resort offers beautiful cabin getaways and a true Northwoods feel. In addition to their accommodations, they have a wide variety of rentals such as pontoon boats, paddleboats, fishing boats, and rowboats.  The resort is located on Marshmiller Lake in Bloomer, which is known for bountiful fishing, calm waters and beautiful sunsets.



Pack right for fall, spring paddling

The 2011 paddling season is nearing its end in Wisconsin, but this article from Paddling Light contains a bunch of good tips and tricks for doing extended-season canoe camping, when rain, sleet and cold weather are possible, if not likely.

A few things caught my eye from the article:

  • Seat pads can provide an extra bit of warmth instead of a plastic, metal or wooden seat in your canoe or kayak.
  • An insulated mug is a great way to keep coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. at the right temperature on a blustery day.
  • Carry two types of firestarter, since you’ll likely need to light a fire to keep warm or dry if off you take a dunk.
  • Proper clothing is key. Dress in waterproof, breathable pants, shirts, etc. (you might even consider wearing a wetsuit or drysuit), but be sure you have the proper clothes for dry days, too.

All in all, use common sense when you pack for paddling trips in the late fall/early spring. It’s a great time to be out on the lakes and rivers when you’re looking for some peace and quiet without the throng of other canoeists and kayakers.

Rivers or lakes?

Do you like fishing for muskies on rivers or lakes?

There are plenty of opportunities to pursue muskies on the Chippewa and Flambeau Rivers. Even though paddling season is winding down, you can still find lots of action on the rivers. I’ve known lots of fishermen who have had success fly fishing and using topwater baits.

And fall’s the perfect time to track down those monster fish, too, since the water’s cooled down and prey fish move up the river. Take your opportunity to track down river muskies while you still can.

Stay dry while musky fishing

I stumbled across this article in Field & Stream on kayak fishing for musky and pike and thought it had some interesting tips and tricks.

A couple that are mentioned in the piece:

  • Straddling the kayak while landing the fish will give you better balance and leverage.
  • If the fish is especially big, pin it against the kayak for extra support.
  • A net is rarely necessary, since you’re so close to the water.
Check out the full article for some more good tips that can help you stay dry while reeling in that trophy fish from your kayak.

Flambeau River

Great time for leaves right now — just about at peak. They probably won’t last too much past mid-October, so take advantage while you can.

Watch out for low spots — water’s at it’s typical fall level — especially on the South Fork and north of Park Falls.

Great fall colors!

It’s gonna be a great weekend to get out and see fall colors! I was out on Lake Wissota a couple weeks ago, and leaves were just starting to turn, but now they’ve gotta be real close to peak.

I love heading down the Chippewa and taking in the sights. What’s your favorite spot?

Lake Wissota

It’s been a little chilly and overcast here at Lake Wissota this week, but the sun should be out tomorrow and Sunday morning (if you can believe the forecasters, that is).

We’re starting to see a lot of fall colors up here, and if you ask me, there’s no better place to look at them than out on the lake.

If you’re planning on camping, bring plenty of warm clothes, but also note that the bathrooms on the left loop are closed for the rest of the season.



Flambeau conditions

Water’s low on the Flambeau right now, it’s really noticeable on the south fork. You might have to drag your canoe a ways there. There’s low spots north of Park Falls too.

But still a good time to get out there — not as many bugs, cooler weather, and leaves getting ready to change. Great way to spend Sat. and Sun. afternoons in fall!

Fall Color

With fall weather coming to western Wisconsin this week the trees are showing signs of spotty color changes throughout Chippewa County. Enjoy paddling on the glacial lakes in the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Reserve and you’ll be sure to spot some beautiful fall colors soon. Or paddle around Brunet Island State Park and enjoy all that is offered in Cornell. Lake Wissota provides great recreational activities all year round and will not disappoint with this fall season. Paddle the lake and then take in an apple orchard or area winery while enjoy the sites and tastes that are Wisconsin. See you on the water!